Baby Mama -Nikita, 35

Baby Mama -Nikita, 35, Pietermaritzburg- Just Need a Brave and smart man to Date Quickly

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First and fore most I joined SATESPACE to get myself someone to have fun with. As A baby Mama I Joined too, if you want my WhatsApp number as your Baby Mama I am ready to share life with you. Below are my details as we prepare to join hands in love. May the Lord Bless our Relationship?

Nationality: South African

Languages: Zulu, Shona and English.

Skin tone: Light

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Eye color: Brown

Dress code: Usually formal

Looking for: A humble man who will make me feel like a woman.

We should actually start talking right now

I am ready to even start now. I don’t know about you. If you feel ready too the Lets just go on and do this, the first thing you should do is join SATESPACE. I will put a button for you that you can use.

PLEASE CHOOSE ME   Make short term contracts with SAs finest sugar moms. Miss Dlamini (36), Welkom- I will reply instantly on SATESPACE. Get an account and try me.

Once you click this button, feed in your details and sign up on SATESPACE right away. It’s all we need for us to meet. Make sure you upload a profile picture though. Without a profile picture I won’t even know whether you are real or not. This whole thing will be done in an instant.

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You Need to Join SATESPACE so that You Can meet Sugar Mama –

You can meet And Chat then get Whatsapp Number >>>>> Please Use the button Below to Join SATESPACE

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Thank you For Joining SATESPACE Please Make Sure You Post your Profile Pictures

PLEASE CHOOSE ME   Jo Burg Single lady – Eunice 40 needs A man who will be the manager of our Business politely
My direct Whatsapp Number Is ++27 81 845 9342

I want you to avoid wasting time and that’s why I put that button for you.

Just a quick reminder to those who need baby mama

 When you text me, I will go straight to your profile and scroll through pictures. If you don’t have pictures then please don’t expect a reply from me.

 I don’t talk to people whose faces I don’t know. The best thing you can do for yourself is to upload full busy pictures of yourself on your SATESPACE before you start texting me. We don’t have all the time in the world so use it wisely.

The kind of woman that i am

I am exactly the kind of baby  that your friends are going to be so happy for having. I am beautiful and rich. This can be seen even when you look at my pictures. The beauty is just on another level. I am just telling you the kind of compliments that I get from thirsty men out there.

PLEASE CHOOSE ME   Patricia, 35, Soweto-Money is everything, make me your single mama if you want some. WhatsApp number guaranteed on SATESPACE.

Unfortunately though, I don’t just go out with anyone, you have to approach me the right way, through SATESPACE.

I will show you my car collection on our first WhatsApp video call. This will be a special time for us because we will get to know more about each other and establish our relationship the right way.

38 thoughts on “Baby Mama -Nikita, 35, Pietermaritzburg- Just Need a Brave and smart man to Date Quickly

    1. Sweetie I’m much glad to connect with divorced with a 5 yrse girl.i’m intrested in you and I will like to spend the rest of my life with you this my wattup contact+233548616671 Sam from Ghana West Africa

  1. All of you look beautiful
    But too bad am from Kenya and all of you are off Kenya

    Gat to try my luck somewhere elae

  2. I’m a young 22 year old male from mthatha. Looking for a sugar mama that needs a real man that can please her

  3. I’m a young 22 year old male from mthatha. Looking for a sugar mama that needs a real man that can please her
    060 443 5426

  4. Hello I’m ready to be yours I’m looking someone who going to respect me and me also respecting I’m 32 years old I’m not poor not rich normal life I need Love and the respect I’m not educated but I have knowledge of something I’m a carpenter that is my job make me to survive if you don’t have problem about it we can make it happen cuz I need someone that I will be with him all of my life no games I’m serious if you’re serious with life

  5. I am interested in you to spend the rest of my life with you if you don’t mind.
    If you are ready to me kindly contact me with the following numbers ( Whatsapp +24277908978) +23279824411//+23278139189// +23234692551

  6. Am happy to hear that you need a settle man in the family thats good and am only one and ready to take you for ever.showing each other love thats real love.
    Am not a beerdrunker or chain lets unit and make one body.

    1. Am really happy to hear and am a cool man ready to settle give you true love and a straight forward man with a good mindset in businesses.

  7. Hy pumpkin,my is lourence im looking forward to meet such beautiful person in person, im already charmed, so. Just contact me you won’t regret it 0765052005 and my

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