Celisto (36) Single Baby Mama looking for A handsome boy – South Africa only – Please Lets chat now.

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A single mother from Gauteng province is looking for a ben 10 who is willing to be married and everything provided. Tired of being single and staying absolutely alone. Take this time and choose me please. I am ready to offer you what is on the list below.

My promises to my one and only ben 10

  • Clothes of high quality plus perfume from France
  • Holiday to United  Kingdom and any place of your choice
  • Latest phone of your choice ( for video calls)
  • Fees if you are at school
  • Rent if you are stayin…… no I will take you to my home

My property and what belongs to me.

I give thanks to my late mother, she inspired me to buy all these. All is missing is a male voice at my home.

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I have 3 big houses, another is 12 roomed. To add on the house the other 2 are occupied by tenants so you will be collecting rent every month and you will be their boss.

Secondly I have cars. In term of cars you choose the one you like most and you make sure you enjoy. If you need any type of a car I can offer you as well.

My major business is Insurance – I have a fastest insurance company in South Africa- If you need a job its there for you just choose me please.

How to get My contact details and Whatsapp Number

Thank you for reading about me, now its time to exchange our contact details and you visit me as well as coming to stay with me. Now to get my Whatsapp number here are the tips.

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My Whatsapp number Is +27 83 345 6787

Rules before you Get In touch-         

Firstly you need to be on SATESPACE – that is I need to prove that you are real. Your Whatsapp number must be with a profile picture.

To join SATESPACE click the button

Satespace Sign Up Free Sign Up Satespace Online

After signing up you need to post your profile picture and cover photo. After all take your profile name and send me on Whatsapp Then I call you on video.

Thank you for your Time – the fastest way is to comment with your number below I will come to you inbox with in 24 hours

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5 thoughts on “Celisto (36) Single Baby Mama looking for A handsome boy – South Africa only – Please Lets chat now.

  1. Celisto ,sorry for your loss I am deeply sorry to here about your loss.but those car’s😕I don’t know about it meaning are those for real? If can I be the one you choose which car can we use to take a ride on ?I don’t see this as it is real normally this site lot of women use to keep tym waiting if not here are my number :0797325996 give a call .I don’t have fancy phone I just hookup into someone phone & entered to this site & I leave all am I. …if u are for really give me a call, so we can discuss all the info: pertaining this conversation I also need love & dedicate love in return is that to much to asked?

  2. I’m a young man looking for an older, mature, open-minded, self caring, the list goes on and on. Now how does this work, how do I get a companion’s/partners contacts, incase there is a person(female obviously) interested here’s my contact numbers 081 059 6051, the code name is Rea incase someone calls me, which I hope they do😔

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