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Hello single men I am Ivy a Latest Single Mum. I am a beautiful lady and I can predict that you will be proud of me. I want you in my little world because your are the one who can complete it. Trust me, it’s a world filled with milk and honey, you will love it.  Amongst all the good here, you might be the luckiest because your are talking to one of the richest females who just joined the site. I am new here and I’m leaving as soon as I get myself a man. I want you to text me early enough before I leave because I’m never coming back.

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Firstly as a Latest Single Mum I have a lot of money and running businesses. In not really a business woman but I just have a lot of shares which allow me to earn while I stay home. I don’t have to work up and go to work just to earn money. I earn money daily at the comfort of my home.

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The only places I visit frequently are the gym and the clubs because I need somewhere to spend my money. I also need somewhere to keep improving this miracle body I have. This is what I will expect from you:

I hope you are old enough: I don’t take guys today at still growing up. You have to be at least eighteen if your want to be with me. I can only take a grown man who can make his own decisions. On the other hand, your don’t have to be too old. Just be attend the proper age.

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I want you to be physically fit: you don’t really have to look like Vin Diesel or some special bodybuilder to win me. Just be fit and don’t be out of shape. You will win me.

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22 thoughts on “Latest Single Mum -Ivy, 37, Paarl-Welcome to my humble world. I can be your sugar mom in a single text. Get my WhatsApp number on SATESPACE.

  1. Hey beautiful try me am very hot !!!! I promise u will never let me go l know my self u will never regret n u can’t compare if you like yummy sexy try

    1. Hey sweetheart I am Todd from Joburg please feel free to contact me anytime 0834838740
      Anyone around Joburg you are welcome
      Can’t wait to receive your call

  2. Hey it’s me Paul let me just Rock your world once then you will decide to keep me 0727087244 it’s my number please don’t be shy

  3. Hello am Tarfa from Nageria i need A suger mummy that can ake cire of ma, also am hot on bed and very ciring see my Nomber, +2340869714224

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