Jane, 36, Paarl- Once we meet, you are a rich man. It’s why single mama exist. See this for yourself on SATESPACE where I will give you my WhatsApp number.

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I am Jane single mama. You know I’m not really different in real life than I’m here as you perceive me. Go to SATESPACE and look at my pictures. I would firmly talk you that it’s exactly what I look like in reality. About my personality, well, I wouldn’t describe myself as an angel but I was close to being one. I’m a really nice person and it’s very difficult to piss me off.

If you are really the good man that I think you are, this will never happen. We will line happily when each other.The good thing about contacting me is that you will be rich within the hours of use meeting. Once we meet, you are a different person. It’s just that I wanna meet you at see if you are real before I can start working money to you.

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You can choose to stay with me if you like. I will be more than happy to have a man in my house. We who help each other hustle and get even richer with this time we have. You gotta trust me on this one, is possible.

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I’m one of the few who don’t care about your location. Whether you are abroad or you are just a few cities away, the me it doesn’t even matter. Just talk to me on SATESPACE for arrangements and I will get you on the plane as soon as your are ready. You can come stay with me if you like.

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There’s quick money there. Unlike everyone else, I will actually make you rich before you stay for long with me. I’m going to take the risk of giving you money and a nice car before I even know deeply who you are. It’s not a major loss for me anyway, I already have more money coming in.

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>I’m yours, we make meeting arrangements, you are rich already,

41 thoughts on “Jane, 36, Paarl- Once we meet, you are a rich man. It’s why single mama exist. See this for yourself on SATESPACE where I will give you my WhatsApp number.

    1. Am looking sweet sugar mummy I can love with my hart am good looking sweet in bed am 29year old my WhatsApp number 08068390098

  1. I have tried several times to get in talk with a sugar mommy and I think things will be better for me in few days, I am interested in your love, please call me on my WhatsApp number at +231776196029, you can also add me on Facebook as Kangar Vaye so we can talk better.

  2. Hy how a u iam Sanele Khuzwayo from NPS South Cost in KZN I can be yours I can do what ever u wants mi to do it if u can makes mi happy I can make u to so trust mi this iz may No 0729053918

  3. Hie babe am really interested in finding someone like u ma WhatsApp number 0844487586,am a 29yrs old guy from Johannesburg tembisa get me now whelie am available coz once u try me u will never let go

  4. Name :Mluleki
    From :Dbn @ Nanda location
    Age : 27
    Interested :woman with TLC,
    Description: tall dark skin and ambitious, hard workers who never gives up, a lover who never who never holds grudges and just a boy who never attend parties, I drink but occasionally, I am addicted to Rasta cultural entertainment. I am passionately capable of tender loving and care, I am a proudly South African Zulu tribe but multi lingual,

  5. Is any really sugar available or it jst the platform playing with ppl is mind???sorry if i offend anybody or me being out of patient…..i am really….can any really lady talk to me plz

  6. You look it! You HV it! You r it! What is it ?beaut y ! Even if am not worthy of you,it gives me the great joy, express it,I am humbled by your beauty,the words that I express are not feeding,but genuine appraisal,my heart of love is as big as the universe,empty , waiting for someone to occupy, if u find me worthy,not bcos of your promise of wealth,but becouse of a call to duty,to love.+234816336458833 assap me or call 08038424006 am cj

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