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You can’t have beauty, money, body shape and good personality in one person. That’s only possible when you come to me. I have everything a man can look for. I know you will want me once you see me face to face. If you have some doubts you can look at my pics on SATESPACE. You can scroll through them and see what I am talking about. You will see that I one of the best around here.

I am thinking about posting a picture of my new cars on SATESPACE. Anyway, I will decide what to do with time. I have also been thinking about posting my Mansion. For now, the only thing I have posted are my pictures. If you become mine, that golden body will be yours to do whatever you want want with it. I won’t even stop you because you will be mine now. You just have to give me some loyalty, that’s all.

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For our relationship to run smoothly, a few things have to be put in place:

I want you to have some good temper: I can’t handle a short tempered person. I want someone who knows how to deal with their emotions even when they get so angry. I find it attractive. I will make sure that I never upset you though.

I like a confident guy: Many people say pride is bad. It actually third me on if you use it the right way. I will l love you for the long as long as you keep that confidence up there. I want a man who really feels himself. People should feel you when you walk into the room.

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Please don’t look for me before you even upload a single picture. Put a few pics first then come leave a comment on one of my pics. I will send you my WhatsApp number.

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29 thoughts on “Kylee, 35, Welkom- I’m one of the few remaining real rich sugar Mama Get my WhatsApp number on SATESPACE.

  1. Hi um jabulisa Nene from Richards bay um 28years um looking for sugar mama my phone number is 0791648335 o whatsapp

  2. Hey I am lerato and I am serious about u being my sugar momma here my tens 0790908090 and 0658716803

    1. Hello bb i from south Africa in middleburg Mpumalanga im single man can you pls open the door for me Donald love is not poor or rich love is God because life is not nothing without i wont to give you piece of love and mind and hot love time for you my soul mate pls came back to me when you see this message pls

  3. am a young and sweet boy and am good at handling girls like fragile things and am interested in you girls if you are interested chat with on +263773549476 .A boy who is not rich but rich in love

  4. Hi my name is thato im currently looking for best suger mamas like im stay in benoni and im using this mobile 067 32I 2280 ..i cannot wait to get your reply

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