Sugar moms are taking every guy on SATESPACE. Let’s only use it to exchange WhatsApp numbers- Rivarashe(32), Welkom. SA online dating.

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I don’t wanna give my number to the wrong guy

Before I start talking to you, I like to know who you are, to know if you really exist out there. How do I do that? Well, you have to create a SATESPACE profile which has the same name as the one you use here on this platform. Put a profile picture on it so that I know how you look. Without these things I’m sorry but I will just scroll past.

If you have already joined, then congrats because you actually got more chances of winning me now. I mean I’d feel more secure chatting with someone who has been on the site for longer because it just means they are real. The deal and dating sites is whether your date is real or not. If you really wanna be a winner at this it means you have to prove that your are real to us. It’s what we priorities as for now.

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I hate this site! It’s just today I got no choice because nothing else compares to it interms of security but I swear I hate it. You wanna know why? It’s full of sugar moms. I’m afraid they will even snatch you away from me because as soon as you create a profile that will be asking for your number over and over again. It just feels like they keep winning you know.

The worst thing is the money is actually real. Most of them don’t make fake promises and a guy can turn into a millionaire at the comfort of his home. Because of this, they are stealing all the men that join SATESPACE. If you join, please stay mine. I know these rich people will tempt you with huge amounts of money but all we need is love right? Money side, we work for ours.

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Now, join the site, look for me and me alone, comment with your WhatsApp number. Once we start texting on WhatsApp, it’s done!

8 thoughts on “Sugar moms are taking every guy on SATESPACE. Let’s only use it to exchange WhatsApp numbers- Rivarashe(32), Welkom. SA online dating.

  1. Hello I am Eric and I am 18 I want you to be my sugar mommy I can do anything for you but please can you give me your WhatsApp number please so I can get to know you more

  2. my name is MUSA Jalloh from Sierra Leone and I’m a grade Student but am single I’m look for love and I have all what it take to be a man +32379514736

  3. Am still single Age 31 years old and Am Rwandan so I would like to show you love as soon as possible could you give a chance please text me inbox + 250788826240

  4. Hie Ruvarashe I wish to yours , all I’m asking is to give us a try By the way I’m Andrew +270813321511

  5. I need a girlfriend
    My personal WhatsApp number.00923057799606
    I need a girlfriend 😃😃😃😃
    I need a girlfriend 😃😃😃😃

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